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Personal Growth for Newbies, Step 1: Create a Vision for Your Life

Welcome back to Comeback Class. So excited to have you here with me again for this week’s episode. If
you’ve been enjoying this content, if you have been finding value in it, there are three things that you
can do. Number one, I would love for you to subscribe so that you never miss an episode. And if you feel
so inclined, leave me a review. I would be so, so appreciative. And you can also share this with someone
else that you feel may benefit from this information. My goal with this show is to be able to help you
overcome whatever it is that you’re going through, whether it’s a breakup or any sort of rejection or a
loss. Maybe you are in a place where you just are not sure where to go next. You, you feel like you
wanna have a great life and you know that it’s possible for you, but you just don’t know how to get

You don’t know even where to start. Maybe this is why I am so passionate about teaching people about
these personal growth strategies, because you only get one life, right? You get this one opportunity.
You, you are given this one blessing of a life, and you get to decide how you’re going to live it out. And it,
it’s interesting to me that sometimes people don’t see it that way, right? Sometimes we don’t see it that
way. We see life as more of a challenge, which of course, there are times in our life that are challenging,
but life is meant to be enjoyed, and we are meant to prosper and to live in abundance and to be happy.
But sometimes when we get knocked down, it’s really easy to just say, oh, well that’s just my luck, or
That’s just how my life is. But the truth is that once you have clarity on your purpose and your vision and
what you want for your life, while you will still see hard times, you will know that those hard times were
necessary to move you in the direction that you were meant to go, to get you where you are supposed
to be.

So if you’re feeling lost right now, I want you to know that that is okay. And we all end up at a place in
our lives at one time or another where we feel lost. But right now is your opportunity to discover
yourself, to begin finding yourself. And I know that because you are here and you are listening to this, at
some point you have said to yourself, either consciously or subconsciously, that you are ready for a, a
change. You are ready for things to start going differently for you. When it comes to your mindset, there
are basically two ways that you can approach your life. And one is with complacency where you just
accept everything as it is. You don’t think that things are going to change, and you kind of just roll with
the punches. And a lot of people live this way.

And while there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, I feel like when you live this way, you are
kind of doing yourself a disservice. You are merely existing when we are put, we were put on this earth
for so much more than that. So the alternative and a different way to approach life is to do it with a
growth mindset. So how do we establish and cultivate a growth mindset? I’ve decided to break this
down into three phases. So in today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about the first phase, and then
over the next couple of weeks, we will talk about phase two. And then phase three. Phase one is going
to be creating a vision for your life. While personal growth includes a lot of doing small things on a
regular basis, you need to start by thinking big. You need to begin with having a vision so that you can
have that clarity, you can have that picture and that why behind why you’re doing everything that you’re
doing on a daily basis.

The way to start figuring this out is by using the eight life categories. I first heard about these from Tony
Robbins. I’m not sure if he’s the one that came up with them or not, but this is where I got those eight
categories from, and they have really helped me build a lot of clarity and look at all the different areas of
my life. I feel like these really encompass every aspect of our lives. So it’s a great place to start. If you
have no idea what you want or you haven’t been able to verbalize it, or you’ve just never taken the time
to think about it before, now you’re going to wanna write all of these things down. So if you’re driving,
then make sure you know you’re not writing anything down, that you come back to this at another time
when you can actually sit down with a pen and paper, or you can put them on your phone as a
reminder, whatever you want, but you’ll want to jot these down somewhere.

So the first life category is health, and that includes your physical health, your mental health, your
overall wellness. When you think about the healthiest version of yourself, what does that look like?
What is your mindset like? What does your body look like? What does your body feel like? Decide what
being healthy means for you and describe it. The second life category is relationships. What types of
relationships would you like to have? How do you want your relationships to feel? Your close
relationships, your relationships with family, friends, colleagues, your children? How do you want the
relationships in your life to be? And these don’t necessarily have to be relationships that already exist,
right? Because this is your vision. So if you are currently single, but you want to find a partner or you
want marriage, you can put that If you wanna have children, you can put that.

If you want to have friendships with certain types of people, describe those types of people. The next
life category is money. And who doesn’t love daydreaming about money? Describe your ideal financial
situation. Describe your relationship with money, because believe it or not, we do have a relationship
with money, and it has to do with our mindset and what we think about it. If you’re someone who has
felt shame about money or maybe felt like it was wrong to want money, I want you to know that money
is neither good or bad, it just exists. And you know, people always say money can’t buy happiness, which
is true. But money can do a lot of things for you. And when you’re a good person who has a lot of
money, you can do a lot of good things for other people as well. So I want you to decide what your ideal
financial situation would be and what your ideal relationship with money would be.

The fourth life category is career and business. Now, again, because this is your vision, this doesn’t have
to be about the current job that you have or have anything to do with maybe the skills that you have. If
there were no limits and you could do whatever you wanted for a career, what would it be? What would
be really meaningful for you? Now, money and career usually go hand in hand, but I think they’re a little
bit separate in the way that we should think about them. If you have this vision for a career for yourself,
or you have this vision for a business, but it doesn’t usually correlate to making a lot of money, and
that’s also something that you want, I don’t want you to worry about how to make that happen or if it’s
even possible. I know of people who have careers where they make, you know, decent or modest
money, but then they earn money other ways, like sometimes passively.

So they’re working a job that they enjoy, but that’s not the sole place where they’re getting their income
from. So don’t worry too much about making everything make sense and putting the pieces together.
Just figure out what would be your ideal money situation and also what would be your ideal working
situation, whether that be a career or having your own business, whatever it is that you want. The next
life category is personal and spiritual development. So how is it that you want to nurture your spirit and
your soul? For some people that may mean implementing certain spiritual practices into their life. If you
are religious, it may mean getting more in touch with your faith. How do you see yourself growing
spiritually and as an individual? The sixth life category is environment and space. So this includes your
surroundings, your home, your geographic area, maybe your someone that doesn’t necessarily want to
live in one place and you want to travel and kind of go everywhere.

When you wake up every day, what do you want your environment to look like? What do you want the
space that you are living in to be? What are the feelings that you get from this environment that you’re
in? The next category, number seven is recreation and fun. So where do you wanna be spending your
free time? What would be enjoyable for you? How often do you want to be doing fun things? And who
do you wanna be doing them with? Category number eight. And the last category is volunteering and
contribution. So in what ways would you like to give back to society or to your community? What kind of
contribution could you make that would be meaningful for you? So those are the eight life categories.
Pretty cool, huh? And it gives you a lot to think about right now. This might take you a little while to
figure all of these things out and to jot things down under each category, but I just want you to
remember that none of this is set in stone.

You don’t have to like decide right now everything that you want and that’s it. You can change it. You
can take your time with it. You can work on one category at a time, which is what I’m gonna recommend
that you do when we move on to next week’s topic, which is goal setting. And there will be getting a
little bit more specific about what it is that we want. But for now, like I said, I just want you to think big. I
want you to look at the big picture and what you want your life to look like in each of these eight areas.
I’m gonna give them to you again. So these are the eight life categories, okay? They’re health,
relationships, money, career in business, personal and spiritual development, environment and space,
recreation and fun and volunteering and contribution. Take some time over this next week and really
look at all of these and really think about them.

And I think you’ll find that it’s not only super fun, but it will also give you something to be really excited
about because you realize how much potential there is out there and how much potential you have
inside. And sometimes it’s easier to see and to realize that when you can actually see these things on
paper. So take some time to work on this. This week. Yes, I’m giving you a homework assignment, but I
think it’s pretty fun for a homework assignment if you ask me. And then next week we will break these
down into goals, and I will teach you how to set goals in each of these areas, and then also how to
prioritize them, which is gonna be important. I hope this was helpful for you, and I hope you’re excited
about creating this new vision for your life. If you have any questions about how to work on your vision
or how to set goals, you can always email me, or you can send me a
DM over on Instagram.

It is @theheartbreaknurse. I’m still taking questions and submissions. If you would like my advice for
your situation, again, you can email me, and I will do my best to help
you out. Once again, if you are enjoying the show, I’m gonna ask you to do one of three things. Either
subscribe to it or leave a review wherever you’re listening, apple Podcasts, Spotify, and share it with a
friend. Share it with someone that you feel would really enjoy this content and could really benefit from
it. Now go get to work, and I will see you right here next week.

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